Homeowners Insurance

Is Homeowner’s Insurance Necessary?

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Going down the road of homeownership can be complicated and exhausting. Quite often, the last thing new homeowners want to think about is spending more money on homeowner’s insurance. However, purchasing homeowner’s insurance is an important decision that should be carefully considered. The two main reasons for buying homeowner’s insurance are: to protect your assets […]

Mortgage & Notary

Here’s What You Should Know About VA Loans

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The VA home loan program was established in 1944 to support veterans returning from war. Today, the program assists American veterans and active military members in refinancing homes or purchasing properties. There are several reasons why a VA loan is more beneficial and preferable than a standard loan. For instance, a VA loan can be […]

Tax Reform

Big Win for Commercial Real Estate

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Although it will take some time to see the full effects of the recent GOP tax bill, it is believed that the greatest beneficiaries of the tax reform will be commercial real estate investors. Favors “Pass-Through” Companies The recent tax bill favors businesses that are structured as “pass-through” entities such as limited-liability companies and partnerships, […]