Understanding the Information Hub

For over 35 years RE/MAX College Park Realty has provided countless services and resources for buyers and sellers across Los Angeles and Orange County. With over 200 realtors dedicated to seeing results, we are proud of the impact we are making on the local market.

Tax Reform & Jobs Act impacts property owners in various ways, both positive & negative. Certainly, an understanding of the provisions plus proper planning will enhance the positive & minimize the negative.

Pride of Ownership, building equity, family stability all remain staples of Southern California home-ownership. Home-ownership continues to be a dependable element on the path to building wealth.

Blending personal attention with the advantages of technology is the winning combination whether you are selling a home, buying a home, or improving the home you presently own. Utilizing both effectively will produce the best outcome whatever your goal.

Whether for your personal enjoyment, or in preparation of buying or selling, what you do or how you go about doing it has an effect on overall value. Understanding the purpose of the improvement should influence the approach you take in completing it.

A diversified portfolio includes investment “real property”. And, in Southern California, those investments can offer unparalleled returns over time. Stable income, business tenants, and investment returns all contribute to the appeal of real property investments.

A nerve racking experience made easier utilizing experience and preparation. Negotiating price or repairs and coordinating closing dates are just some of the parts of laying a foundation for successful Southern California home-ownership.

Price & terms, shortest amount of time, minimize legal liability, state/local/government compliance; the list goes on and on. The value of positioning yourself for the best possible outcome cannot be underestimated. Never take “whom you hire” for granted.